Curvy kate Hi Voltage Black Plunge Tankini Top

Halloween fashion Sales – A fun time shopping

Talk about fun shopping days coming up, time to start buying fun outfits for Halloween.

I can’t wait, I guess that’s why I always have something in the Cart haha. Outfits, Presents and fancy dress up, it is so exciting I feel like a child.


Ok, so I think the best way to attack Halloween is to break down an easy to put together outfit. I will give links to some of the products we have at the moment that are live FLASH SALES here on and other website that are relevant.

I will also link to clothes such as black ripped skinny jeans that are essentials to pull off the easiest outfits. I will be your shopping assistance on this haha


Girls you all know the easiest outfit out there,

The all black outfit and some eyeliner on your nose. Yes I’m taking about Sexy Kitten haha

I love this personally because it make you look slim but most of all on a night of fun and mischief you will be comfy. You can click the image or follow the links below ladies for the outfits.

Curvy kate Hi Voltage Black Plunge Tankini Top

Hi Voltage Black Plunge Tankini Top

Black High Waisted Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans (click the image)

Black High Waisted Extreme Ripped Skinny Jeans

Girls “Do It” go sexy, put the 2 of these together and you are Winning to the “Who is she” Category of the night, it’s a beautiful outfit combination.

Of course what I am loving about this practical combo is the versatile and you can simple use both pieces again.

Firetrap Mystic Boots Ladies

Firetrap Mystic Black  Boots Ladies

I just have the Boots here because that’s what I will be wearing because I love comfy but feel free to add some heels ladies. Yes you guessed it.

This is my exact outfit for Halloweens night, my boobs are not as big as the model from Curvy Kates website but am all in haha.

Top Tip

Flash Sales products sell fast and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about.

Therefor do not just add a Flash Sales item to the cart, buy it fast especially if it’s in your size because if you time out while you’re putting your outfit together. It will be gone, like a Cadbury Chocolate on my movie night.

Thanks guys, enjoy Halloween.

By: Buttercup Ryan

Editor and Blogger at

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