Loving Miley Cyrus Attitude of Girl Power

Loving Miley Cyrus Attitude of Girl Power.

Mileys positive attitude
I like this pic because after a break of long time love Mr Hemsworth Miley is now free and single and because she has some dates she is getting called a slut which is unfair when below is her honest and insightful opinion of what a man is referred to in the same position. “Men (especially successful ones) are RARELY slut-shamed”.

“They move on from one beautiful young woman to the next MOST times without consequence. They are usually referred to as legends , heartthrobs, Ladies Man etc”.

Girl Power
All I can say is you go girl, girl power and I hope you find what you are looking in that somebody new. The same goes to all you other ladies out there, Get Off The sofa and go out with your friends and date if you want to.
Keep Miley in mind in mind when you’re picking a Halloween Costume this year if you are just going through a breakup. Three words.

Absolutely not slutty but keep it sexy as it’s a way you will get your sash back, get yourself some friendly attention which is always great to build your self-esteem after a break up. Yes Girls it’s OK to get some friendly attention but leave it at that in my opinion, do not let someone be the rebound guy you will regret for life. Especially if your break is recent but the longer out, I believe its OK to experience life.

You’re Outlook on Life
Everyone is different as an individual, then add that to the equation of being in a relationship which creates all different types of dynamics. Some relationship last a lifetime, you marry your child hood sweet heart and you never have sex with anyone else and you wouldn’t want to. However if you had your heart broken a number times by different guys over the years for all sorts of reasons and you understand the break of phases.

Disbelief, he did not cheat on me.
Emotional mess, heartbroken, lonely, I want my Mum.
Then finally after some time Realisation, he’s gone and I am OK.
Thank you, NEXT haha. I believe this is where Miley may be at behind the sexy facade and happy Insta Pics to make him a bit jealous with other guys while she moves on.
Move on Move up she may, like the rest of us.

By Buttercup Ryan

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