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Loving The Sales are hiring

Hiring new People
Great news guys for those of you looking for some extra work coming up to Christmas, we will be hiring new staff here at Loving The Sales very soon. I am only giving you an early heads up on the positions we will be offering and the type of company we are.

You don’t need a Degree
The wonderful aspect about working guys that are used of starting new companies they actually don’t really care about whether you have a degree or not. Not to discount you guys that have worked your ass in college the number of years but we plan on giving everyone a fair shot.

Why no degree?
You do not need a degree to be brilliant at working in a particular field and you certainly do not need a degree to be passionate about working in a creative area.
Also a quote that our 3 founders agree on “Nine of ten successful people out there don’t have a degree, we just want passionate people who enjoy getting it done”

The company culture
To me its free expression of ideas, friendliness and lots of fun, even around difficult task even when things go wrong or break which we all know is inevitable. “Free Expression, Friendliness & Fun while getting it done”
The Positions

  1. Social Media Management
    Efficient in managing social media management tools over a number of platforms.
    Dealing with content creators such as myself and insuring they a new post ready.
  2. Content creator (Writer, Blogger and Video)
    Self-Explanatory guys, tell us why you like I company and show us some of your existing work or if not you new ideas for loving the sales and job is yours.
  3. Technology Positions
  4. Web Developer with a strong focus on ecommerce.
  5. App Developer with a strong focus on ecommerce.
    Email: [email protected] with your CV, LinkedIn, Website or Blog and we will get in touch
    Subject Line: Job Application
    By Buttercup Ryan Editor, Blogger at LovingTheSales.com & now Recruiter.
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