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Loving The Sales is the ultimate money and time saving website in Ireland, when it comes to shopping online. We find sales and deals from the most popular website on the web and put in one easy to use website.

How Loving The Sales works

Then as our slogan says, we direct you to the website where the sales is taking place with one click.

I explain it to friends like this.

How many shops, online and offline do you know that has Ugg Boots in stock?


We’ll how many of those shops have sales on now, on the product you want?

“I don’t know, it would take to much time for me to search all the websites”

Loving The Sales searching thousands of website so you don’t have to.

Hey Presto


“Directing you to the World of Brand Sales in One website”


Our Numbers since starting only 2 month ago

1,500 + brands on SALE

15,000 products live on the website

1,000 follows across all social media

10,000 page views per week live on loving the sales.

Reductions of up 90% off top brands

Exclusive Flash Sales with Big Brands.

Thousands of happy customers that have saved lots of money and time

What’s next?

We will add more and more brands to the website for you guys, saving you lots of money.

Making the website more user friendly and increasing our load speeds

It will only get beeeetttteeeeeerrrrr haha. Sing it with me. I have the Friday feeling leaving early to get some things sorted for a night out tomorrow with my girls.


Buttercup Ryan.

Editor & Blogger at www.lovingthesales.com

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