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Versace Man Eau Fraiche Shower Gel 200ml – Versace

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Versace ‘Man Eau Fraiche’ is an aromatic, tonic and woody fragrance designed for the strong and self-confident man who is fond of luxury. Decidedly more composed and introspective than Versace ‘Man’, it is elegant understatement with an alluring charm – no longer an in-your-face sensuality but rather a willingly contained one. It contains the most classic ingredients of men’s scents but which are refreshed with some unusual notes to give life to a surprisingly fresh fragrance. This perfumed shower gel cleanses with an energising and revitalising action – it doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves a subtle Eau Fraiche scent with top notes of white lemon, rose wood and carambola which give way to a heart of tarragon, clary sage and cedar leaves. The base notes of sycamore wood, amber and musk complete the fragrance by offering mysterious and skin deep sensations.



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