Signature looks of the year from my Fashion Icons.

Kate Middleton certainly in Europe she is one of the most photographed ladies on the Continent.Before she became Royalty she had a casual style of Blue Denim Jeans matched with T Shirts.

Now however since becoming The Dutch’s of York’s her style is truly that of princess on a daily bases. Her wardrobe which would probably look like something out of a fairy tale consist of the following.

Below the knee elegant dresses such this style for Wimbledon Tennis Finals. A piece everyone needs in there wardrobe.


Megan Markle, wow she is such as inspiration to all. Megan carved out a successful career for herself as a movie star and was already forming her signature look along the way which I believe is classical chic.

She has wonderful colour selection, is daring with her selections of different shoes and boots and has become a huge influencer in the world of handbags. If she wears the piece, its sold out unfortunately for us.


The #Kardashian’s

Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West. Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.

For me there is no signature look that the sister and there mom represent but I am always excited to see what trend they will create next through their mega following on social media. We are Loving Kylies makeup kits and tutorials and following there story as progress through life.

The Reason I put them in my list is because we all have our favorite Kardashian and there bold and daring attitude towards fashion so I hope you remember to be just that from time to time

Bold and Daring.  Leave your comments below on this one guys what was the most bold and daring you tried on a night out inspired by the girls.

Reminder to self, do not leave out the Diva Caitlyn Jenner, for sure I will be writing a separate piece on her journey.



The Over-sized Shirt matched with shorts is the fabulous iconic look which come straight to mind when I think of Ri Ri this year. To me it shouts the Boss is here move over as she signed some major deals with LVMH and took the world by storm with her Lingerie Brand which included sizes for all of us lady’s. Come on guys she is a mogul we are LOVING Ri Ri forever.

Ok I nearly forgot my tip for you on this is to achieve look for free.

Borrow a shirt from your Boyfriend, Dad or Hubby and by borrow I mean as soon as I get makeup on it you’ll never want it back haha. Accessorize with a nice slim belt and a necklace like Ri Ri and you have a free outfit ready to roll.


Blake Lively. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans who’ loving Jeans?

Even though Blake and her Hunk of a Hubby are known for lighting up the red carpets with they looks, fashion sense and fun personalities. I have given her the signature look that we can all wear on a daily again. Jeans don’t need to be expensive to fit well and flatter all types of figures and Blake even though pictured here in a classic blue jeans, we see her all the time in various colors and styles.

They last for ever and you can have them for a number of seasons in your closet. Simple, Comfy and effective to show off your curves, long legs or keeping everything in place.

So ladies have them part of your look as we come to the end of the year.

By Buttercup Ryan

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