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Fashion companies that give back to people in need. Did you guys know there is fashion companies that give a lot to people in need?

That company we are Loving today is a personal favorite TOMS SHOES and finally we have them available on Loving The Sales in the kids sections. Guys don’t worry they’ll be coming in the adults section soon but you can always shop directly on our partners site.

To my surprise a lot of my friends did not know the story behind the company and the iconic shoe almost all of them have been wearing for years.

TOMS was founded by a guy named Blake Mycoskie who from what I can gather after watching him speak at an event a number of years ago is a free spirit type of guy, who would fit the image of a planet loving hippie turned business man.

Blake was in Argentina in 2006 when he personally witnessed children growing up without footwear among other hardships they faced on a daily bases.

Knowing he could help he set up TOMS Shoes a company which would donate a pair of shoes back to the children in need for every pair which was bought through the company. Blake made the company into such a success that he sold part of it to give him a personal fortune of $300 million dollars, wow I know. Who said it’s not profitable being the good guys? I believe he know has a start up investment fund if you have a similar do good business idea and he will back your idea like the guys from the Dragons. We’ll I say well done to this guy because he came he say, solved a problem and made a lot money and now he is giving back.


Guys since its coming up on time of year when so much of us are lucky with the amount of presents we receive here is a company that will help you tick the box of having the giving spirit.

We are Loving Toms shoes as a fashion piece and I am LOVING there story.

Toms Navy Classic Boots Junior lovingthesales loving the sales
Toms Navy Classic Boots Junior

Argentina is going through a really tough time know we all types of political disruption an war so when you are buying presents this Christmas and Holiday Season keep Toms in mind.

What do you guys think of my serious of stories so far based around the theme of people who give back, brands who give back and people who inspire? I really enjoy writing about them so I will continue with the theme until further notice I guess.

Thank you guys,

Loving conquers all.


Buttercup Ryan

Editor and Blogger at Loving The Sales


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