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The Success stories of 3 of our Major Partners

It is amazing how fast Loving The Sales is growing over the last month in terms of the number of people using the website and the number of top brands and companies we have partnered with.

The guys I am working with here at Loving The Sales are so knowledgeable about companies in terms of How and Why a company was started and this something we all forget about when you just take a world class service for granted. It is practically inspiring to hear companies’ stories and how its founders made it into a success.

So here are some of the wonderful brands and companies we have partnered with a little back story.

Intenially I will keep the stories short because when you are passionate fashion you will Google them a bit further to learn more.




BooHoo Man for is part of the Boohoo group of brands and it was

“Founded by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane in Manchester in 2006, for over 10 years, boohoo group has been pushing boundaries to bring its customers up-to-date and inspirational fashion, 24/7.”

Imagine this though guys the urban legend about this now multibillion dollar company is that it started from a market stall stand and now it is a global success with it founder becoming Billionaires.

Wow what a story, of course the BooHoo Group own lots of other brands such the amazing Nasty Gal and Pretty Little Things to name a few.



Nitin Passi founded MISSGUIDED in 2008 at the height of the recession, his family had back round in fashion but it was aimed at people of the ages 35-40. He thought to himself there was opportunity in younger cheaper and faster fashion so he set the company up himself with 50,000 pound loan from his Dad. He owns 100% of the company and makes up to $80 million dollars a year. Hello now that was a risk that paid off really well.

However starting a business in a recession is not for the faint the faint hearted, our guess here at loving the sales is he has “Balls and Vision” according to the guys.



Tommy Hilfiger

This is a wonderful story, it is like a Cinderella story of fashion and I have even watched a documentary about this before so I know a lot about this one myself. The Brand is based on the dream of its founder Tommy Hilfiger himself, the little guy who never gave up even after a failure.

This inspirational multi-talented man, rebel and entrepreneur made it against the odds.

He articulates his story here beautifully it is worth watching



The Lesson here guys from the 4 different entrepreneurs if study them a bit further will enhance your knowledge about the business of fashion. Read the stories, learn from them put there lessons into your brands guys in future.  


Thank you guys

Buttercup Ryan

Editor and Blogger at lovingthesales

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