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The Little Black Dress (LBD). A must have for every women.

Do you every think to yourself what made these wonderful signature pieces of fashion so popular worldwide? It was a little female fashion liberator by the name of Coco Chanel.


Coco Chanel Black Dress

 Coco Chanel

“Coco Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue.
It was calf-length, straight and decorated only by a few diagonal lines. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford”. Like the Model T, the little black dress was simple and accessible for women of all social classes. Vogue also said that the LBD would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste” source Wikipedia.

Imagine a uniform for all women of taste and how correct they were, think about it there is rarely ever an event that occurs that you have been to, where the Little Black Dress doesn’t make an appearance.
Comparing the Little black dress to the other famous beauty The Little Red Dress which draws eye attention through the virtues of nature. I will always side with the solid colour of Black which you know makes you feel instantly slimmer when you put it on as it hugs your skin tightly.The LBD flatters every figure, hides unwanted perspiration, stains and of course any unforeseen mishap which may occur when you wearing it out. Of course you wondering about accessories. Here is The Solutions K.I.S.S (KEEP IT SIMPLE SEXY). If your hair style will be up then add earrings, pearls for example, if your hair is down wear an imposing necklace. Done and you’ve already won. 

Today you may also hear The LBD referred to as a Cocktail Dress which is fine for the occasion but the original may be renamed or reimagined but class never goes out of fashion so guys take it from me, fashion may come in and go out as we say but the Little Black Dress is here to Stay.


Chrissy Teigen Black Dress

Chrissy Teigen

Invest in one, Impress in one and of course enjoy whatever event you chose to go in ONE.

Ashley Graham

My tip as always when I think of them, The Coco Chanel Movie
is wonderful. Her Story, Her Fashion, The Drama of her struggles with her Love Life is perfect for a night’s entertainment with a glass of wine and chocolates. 

By Buttercup Ryan

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