Top 5 Tips on getting Hired in The Beauty Industry

Let face it guys if you’re here reading this you probably love the “idea” of being in the beauty industry.

Best of all you have choices which may suit your different skills and personality. You could already have picked and be head over heels in love with the industry your about to “work” in. Some of my friends (the rare few) are multi-talented and are qualified in a number areas but what I noticed at the top is you become and expert at one. STICK TO IT. Think Pat McGrath @patmcgrathreal the Queen of creating The Catwalks daring looks for example.


Take you pick guys but notice I respectively give each industry its own headline because the skill to be the best in each takes years of dedication and each is an Art form of highest caliber. Not to be a bitch but remember that the next time you book an appointment in a city/town you’re not familiar with and the one person that works there say they do it all.







Just to add an area my friends have been comparing lately with a little insight into the differences. Remember there really is endless opportunity for you get involved in the overall industry.

Style Advisor (v) Personal Shopping

There’s a big difference trust me I seen it first hand, Advisors are trusted, respected and may tell a celebrity what to wear, The Personal Shopper orders the outfits creates relationships with the boutiques and generally have to have contacts to get that one jaw dropping piece. Both jobs carry different skills sets with the possibility of backlash from your client if they receive negative press.

Maybe this is one of the jobs that over the year compared to the beauty industry above morphs into the one title but again it take time, trust and genuine caring for the person your styling as you want to see them shine as the best version of themselves. I can’t stress this point enough to get to the top you have to be a specialist not, “I do it all” expert which does not exist for an individual beautician.  

Even though above I mention getting to the top of each industry I will do my best to keep my tips practical, cost effective and most of all enjoyable. Truly it is a wonderful experience to be doing the job you love with people you love and clients you get along with.

Think of like this ladies. I work with my friends, I spend half the day laughing and chatting

Then I really feel proud of myself when a client walks out the door happy.


How do I get myself into a job like this quickly?

Working for “free” with a friend that is already qualified or has years working in your locality.

What for free?

Yes think about it. Call up friend and make them an offer they can’t refuse.


“I’ll do all the small jobs that you don’t want to so you can concentrate on the client and every now and again you teach me parts of how to do the job correctly.

When I get good enough you pay me or I’ll apply for a job somewhere else”.


If you ambition is higher keep an eye out for competitions from fashion house, beauty brands and even celebrity designers who offer apprenticeship but have a portfolio of work ready for presentations this can even be your Insta Account if you post videos or pic of work you have done on friends. Take our Instagram account for example it is still a work a progress as we are only starting off but we are putting the “WORK” and that is all a potential employer wants to see. Yes there is a person that puts in the work. You’re hired.


There is Pros and Cons obviously


You get the education you wanted

You learn the skills of the profession with the people skills.

You can aim high and reach out to somebody at the top of their profession and before you know it your rubbing shoulders with the stars. Depends on how ambitious you are of course.

Free education, no need for education in most of these professions. Yes I said it you learn from doing not listening or paying a fortune to some of these guys, granted some of the courses are out of this world good but if you are happy working in a small town with your regular clients. Get your experience in and forget about the certs on the wall.


Lack of Money.

Over Worked and Stressed

The person may not teach you and just take advantage.

This is when you walk out the door

Some jobs you apply for will want certificate of formal training.

The Apprenticeship can be hard to get because of competition, you need to stand out.  

Let’s finish on “positive” though guys, your friends won’t do that and you may get to work on someone in your first day of work followed by a tip “paid” haha.


For the record I believe in education and respect anyone that passes the beauty courses.

This article however is about showing people how to access an industry from a different point of view with some practical thinking and advice. I hope you like my perspective and it saves you some time and money if that is where you find yourself.

I also point out methods to reach for the high end of the industry. The higher end comes with lots more challenges, to get these apprenticeships you generally have to be in a city with high rents and cost of living.

To break down the point I would like for you to take away quickly,

You work local to get the experience you need

 You Save Money and keep your social media account updated regularly with videos and pics of clients which acts as your portfolio.

Now if you want to take a risk and go for the higher end you have everything you need and if it does not work out you can come home and start again with your new lessons in your makeup bag.  

Top Tip

Before you go guys, it not a coincidence that I am writing this blog post at the weekend because I to want to show I put in the work. Honestly if you want to get into the beauty the industry and your reading this mid-day on Saturday when every other beautician is busy you need to get a move on with your career and put my tips into action.

Guys let me know how you get on and send me links to new accounts on social media if you though my honest tips were good.  



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