Why every guy should have a Blue Suit

Daniel Craig Blue Suit aka James Bond 007

Guys we all know every man wants to be James Bond in one form or another so here is an example of an Neon Blue suit with everything to give you the template for dressing successfully. This on the red carpet.
Guys I hear you ask, why the colour blue for a suit?
Well like the colour Red shouts to all of us LOOK AT ME. 
The Colour plays says hey I’m friendly and approachable and in the case of Daniel Craig quiet attractive haha. The colour is suitable for all season and all events and can be worn multiple times with different shirt colours, just to freshen things up. Keep in mind guys you can buy the accessories for an old suit to make it look new again.

A Lapel
A waist coat
A handkerchief or in summer a fresh flower (Free from mums garden)
Cufflinks for your shirt
And the addition of a watch always add to the look of the gentleman.

There you have it guys be like Bond, buy Blue.

007 Making A Getaway for Coffee

Here we have an action shot of 007 in a different shade of blue trying to escape from the set I guess to grab a wall earned cup of coffee. Like me guys enjoy the rest of your day.

By Buttercup Ryan

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