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Why you should visit Sales, Deals and Aggregator websites first when online shopping

The Question

I have been asked a number of question in the month about, why should I be shopping on a website like Loving The Sales? OK that a fair question which deserves a fair answer.


The Answers

The two major reason to be direct is, Loving The Sales will save you lots of TIME and MONEY.

When you are shopping you generally have a “budget” for something you have in mind.

A typical Budget for me would be €150 shopping at full price, you will get yourself 1 full outfit with no treat like a scarf. Then like you I am always dreading the delivery charges.

Now since I have been introduced to “Sale Shopping First”, for my total budget of €150 ill really ring that checkout bell.

I get an average of 2 outfits and a treat which can be a present for a friend and yes I don’t worry as much about the delivery charges.


I hate delivery charges

The annoying thing about online shopping is delivery charges unless you can get your outfit on one website you may have to pay delivery charges twice.  There is a solution out there, it is called the Universal Shopping cart. The Universal Shopping cart means you could pick a dress on Nasty Gal then go and trainers on M&M Direct for example and pay for it all one location with the opportunity of only paying delivery charges once.

Until all the retailers agree to let us shop multiple website with one cart we will have to pay delivery charges number of times, sign into multiple accounts and waste time and money.

Over time as our relationships grows with our brand partners here at Loving The Sales this is an issue I will be highlighting behind the scenes.

The Mission.

Loving The Sales are on a mission to put you first the customer first, we will save you lots of TIME and MONEY and in the long term we will make online shopping a better experience for one and all.

There are website out there that been doing this such as HotDealsUk and SecretSales and we are happy to join the charge.

Top Tip

In one of my upcoming blog post I will be interviewing The Mc Donnell Brothers David and Micheal with Shane Clarke the founders of Loving The Sales. This will be a must read as they have insights into dealing with the wealthy that will open your eyes into how the wealthy shop the sales.

The 3 guys also own another company www.onceoff.com which specifically caters to the need of Millionaires and Billionaires around the world for almost the last 10 years.

My top tip is to stay tuned for this post because who wouldn’t want to shop as smart as the wealthy right? All I have to do now is get answers from the 3 guys, wish me look haha.


Buttercup Ryan.

Editor and Blogger at www.lovingthesales.com

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