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Welcome to lovingthesales.com.

Directing you to the World of Brand Sales in One website. FYI, Sales Items Sell Fast.

Find sales on the brands and products you love 365 days a year at Loving The Sales. We partner with 1000’s of the worlds most loved brands and put them together on loving the sales so you don’t waste any time searching for deals. Enjoy finding the brands you love today.

Our Mission is to put you the customer first while saving you time and money with your online shopping experience.
Here at Loving The Sales we strongly believe in playing our part to protect the environment therefor the wonderful knock on effect when you shop sales items, is you stop these items going to landfill or incinerators.
Join the community to save time and money while playing your part for the environment.

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the people behind Loving The Sales

Micheal Mc Donnell

CEO / co-Founder

David Mc Donnell

Director / Co-Founder

Shane Clarke 2
Shane Clarke

CTO / Co-Founder

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Buttercup Ryan


Inside Loving The Sales

Learn more about our mission

The Loving The Sales Team are award winning serial entrepreneurs and technologists. 

We are happy to be delivering sales products to you since 2019.

Bring our users the greatest range of products on sale from the best brands in fashion and accessories everyday.

For more Information on Loving The Sales Please Contact us directly at [email protected][email protected]

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