Ordering Products

These are sales item and unless you are fast and signed up to our email alert they are sold to the fastest Loving The Sales Opportunists.

Loving The Sales Partners with other websites to bring you the best sales from across the web and to do so, you buy the product directly from Brand name partner’s website.

Loving the Sales makes every effort to match prices from our partners.  Even though we get product information and prices directly from our brand and retail partners currency exchange rates can differ from time to time and the displayed price may decrease or increase a minimal amount due to this. However you may still be getting up to 80% off. It’s still a good day to be shopping.

99% of items are stocked by our brand partners and retailers around the world. Loving The Sales updates stock information every day, but we are not 100% able to confirm if or when an item will be restocked by the retailer.
But we do offer a feature which will alert you immediately if it does with our email alert, so Subscribe to Our newsletter below guys to keep up to date.

She is our beloved guest editor and you never ask a lady her age ha ha.


The retailer shipping your item will be able to provide up to date information on the status of your order. Your order has been placed with one of Loving The Sales partner brand who will arrange the delivery of your item. The shipping time will be shown on the confirmation email you receive from our partner brand with a tracking code. Shipping times may vary and please allow time for it to arrive. For your order status please contact the retailer directly.

International Delivery information can be found on the brands website generally under Orders/Shipping/International/International Customers etc. 

Yes.  Nearly all orders now will be accompanied by a shipping tracking number.  This is generally emailed to you after purchase or can be viewed on the brands/retailers account page. 

Returns & Refunds

Loving The Sales partners with brands and retailers from all over the world, returns policies vary by item. You can visit the customer care section of the retailer’s website to view their returns policy. You can find the returns policy by clicking the “shipping and returns” tab, on the product page. If you have a “buy in store button”, you will be directed to the retailer’s website where you can view their shipping and returns policy in their dedicated section, as well as complete your transaction directly on their website. Please make sure that you have selected your country.

International Customers can easily return products to Brands and Retailers by simply filling out the Returns Form that was sent with your order, request a pickup location from the courier, or take the item to your local Post Office.

Yes in many cases with many brands.  However you may have to pay a little return fee, so the original price you paid minus the return fee will go towards paying for your exchange item.

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