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Brush Works Miracle Sponge Shaped – Brush Works

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Achieve a flawless makeup finish in no time at all with the brushworks HD Miracle Silicone Shaped Sponge. A revolutionary makeup applicator designed to speed up your daily makeup routine. Ultra-hygienic and allergy free, the innovative makeup sponge is coated with a unique ultra-smooth (TPU) layer to minimise product wastage; it won’t absorb your makeup and allows you to save more than half the amount of product compared to regular brushes and sponges. Long-lasting and easy to clean, the silicone sponge will expertly apply and blend your foundation with seamless, airbrushed results; simply spread using a circular motion and dab lightly to blend away lines. Skin looks smooth and flawless. Tip: Fold the Sponge around your finger to improve control and coverage in hard to reach areas.




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