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Wax Lyrical Homescenter Raspberry Apple 3 Candle Tin Set – Wax Lyrical

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Wax Lyrical is a great British brand; we?re the UK?s largest home fragrance manufacturer and we work tirelessly to operate an environmentally conscious business, protecting our beautiful surroundings and making responsible decisions when it comes to the people and materials we work with. Inspired to capture the natural beauty of our home in the English Lake District, our fragrances set the scene for moments to wax lyrical about. We believe your home is a reflection of who you really are, and so is ours. HomeScenter gives premium fragrances a place in the home, whilst controlling unwanted smells with the help of Odouraze which is skillfully blended in each product. The collection features six scents, each designed to suit a particular room of the home and available in stylish designs from ombre to ceramic vessels and even gift sets that are perfect for a new home too.




Wax Lyrical




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