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An essentially piece of kit for all guys out there is a good solid pair of boots and I’m not talking work boots guys. High fashion boot are incredible value for men because as soon as they look a bit wore or out dated you can actually use them for your outdoor pass time activities. Boots from High street brands such as River Island and Top Man are beautiful with a reasonable price to boot, excuse the pun haha.

Here I show you two of my favorites for men and why.Image result for sensorflex chukka boot

Timberland are innovators when it comes to boots and the combination of rugged but beautifully formal upper shoe shell is fantastic.

What we are loving about this boot is the fact that you could possible wear it to something as important as a business or just wear it as your daily driver going from A to B.

The Boot has style Comfort and Durability and scoring it out of 10 we would issue a 9.

The one area it lack in is a protective toe tip and as the sensor-flex cushion is so soft after 2 weeks wear this begins to be apparent according to our researchers.


Image result for river island mens boots


The Military leather Boot. This is not so standard addition as it comes with a zip, fans of all types of leather boot will know the leather expands and contracts during the day due to heat or wet weather conditions.

Therefore the zip you can adjust according.Our researcher where loving this it makes it easy to slip them on and off without the need to ever tie the lace again.

As I said in my opening remarks “as soon as they look a bit wore or out dated you can actually use them for your outdoor pass time activities” this the invest boot that may last years.As I like to, Invest in them while looking good in them.


By Buttercup Ryan

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